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High-scoring sample essays

Full access to a wide range of A+, high-scoring essays will be supplied. We pick the most commonly seen topics and provide full English analytical essays that have sound structures and insightful ideas.

Easy-to-understand theme breakdowns

We provide comprehensive and coherent summaries for each theme. Each theme will be explained with relevant evidence and quotes which students can easily understand and add to their quote banks in preparation for their essays. Themes will be examined in its development throughout the text’s entire narrative to ensure full grasp of how the theme functions both inside and outside the world of the text.

Examination of techniques and literary devices

Key literary devices for our wide range of texts will be summed up in a techniques outline.

Important quotes analysis

Crucial quotes are analysed in a chronological order with page numbers while specifying its context and explanation of its importance in the text.

Selection of character studies

Characters are closely examined with the key events in the text. The character’s development throughout the stories are described and related to the main themes.

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  • High-scoring sample essays
  • Easy-to-understand theme breakdowns
  • Examination of techniques and literary devices
  • Important quotes analysis
  • Selection of character studies

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