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The Erratics

Table of Contents Essay 1: “My past is not merely faded… It’s not there.” How do the events of the past shape the lives of the individuals in The Erratics? Essay 2: “Vicki’s mother is the most destructive presence in The Erratics.” Do you agree? Essay 3: “To tell the stories of who we are...


We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Table of Contents Quote Bank for WHALITC Essay 1 : “Family is the cause of all the problems in We Have Always Lived in the Castle.’ Do you agree? Essay 2 : Merricat and Constance find safety in their ruined house, but they sacrifice their freedom. Discuss. Essay 3 : “In We Have Always lived...



Table of Contents Essay 1: How does Flames portray the relationship between humans and their environment? Essay 2: How does genre contribute to the storytelling effect of Flames? Essay 3: The characters in Robbie Arnott’s Flames commonly share an amount of pain and sorrow. Discuss. Essay 4: Flames is a story about connection. Discuss. Essay...


Mao’s Last Dancer: Chapter Summaries

Table of Contents A Wedding, Qiangdao 1946 Chapter 1: Home Chapter 2: My Niang and Dia Chapter 3: A Commune Childhood Chapter 4: The Seven of Us Chapter 5: Na-Na Chapter 6: Chairman Mao’s Classroom Chapter 7: Leaving Home Chapter 8: Feather in a Whirlwind Chapter 9: The Caged Bird Chapter 10: That First Lonely...


The Hate Race

Table of Contents Introduction A List of Important Quotes Sample Essay 1: How does racism operate in Australia in The Hate Race? Sample Essay 2: ‘Finding a place to belong is a fraught process in The Hate Race.’ Discuss. Sample Essay 3: Discuss the role and power of language in the text. Sample Essay 4:...



Table of Contents A List of Important Quote Notes Summary Sample Essay 1 Sample Essay 2 Sample Essay 3 Sample Essay 4 Sample Essay 5 A List of Important Quote Chapter 1: The Stone of Madness Pg 1. “ …he was an assassin. He was warm-hearted, friendly, engaging…” From the onset of the novel, Szubanski...



Table of Contents INTRODUCTION STYLE, TECHNIQUES AND METALANGUAGE ANALYSIS OF THE THEMES Survival Individualism Gender Racism Human company and relationships Nature ANALYSIS OF THE CHARACTERS IMPORTANT QUOTES Essay 1 : ’In Tracks, Davidson shows that preparation and determination are essential to survival.’ To what extent do you agree? Essay 2 : ’Robyn Davidson’s journey in...


The Lieutenant

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION IMPORTANT QUOTES TECHNIQUES, STYLE, METALANGUAGE ANALYSIS OF THE THEMES Science and Language Duty Colonialism Ambition ANALYSIS OF THE CHARACTERS Essay 1 : “Through his experiences in NSW, Rooke changes his view of the world and his place in it.” Discuss. Essay 2 : The Lieutenant argues shows the importance of staying...


The Golden Age

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION METALANGUAGE AND TECHNIQUES ANALYSIS FOR THE THEMES ANALYSIS OF THE CHARACTERS ANALYSIS OF THE QUOTES Essay 1 : Discuss the role of art and poetry in The Golden Age. Essay 2 : How does The Golden Age explore the idea of change? Essay 3 : How much control over their lives...



Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Techniques and Metalanguage Themes Quotes Characters Essay 1: How does Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood explore what it means to live in fear and oppression? Essay 2:Marji’s grandmother says: “Always keep your dignity and be true to yourself.” To what extent does Marji follow her grandmother’s advice? Essay 3: Discuss...

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