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High Ground

Table of Contents Essay 1: What is the significance of the title of Johnson’s film? Essay 2: ‘High Ground suggests that some conflicts can never be resolved. Discuss. Essay 3: “He needs to learn his place.” What does Gutjuk learn over the course of the film? Essay 4: What is the significance of the title...


Sunset Boulevard

Table of Contents Essay Question 1 Essay Question 2 Essay Question3 Essay Question 4 Essay Question 5 Essay Question 6 Essay Question 7 Essay Question 8 Essay Question 9 Essay Question 10 “I felt caught like the cigarette in that contraption on her finger.” ‘Joe’s downfall is entirely of his own making.’ Do you agree?...


The Queen

Table of Contents Film analysis QUOTE ANALYSIS TRADITION VS. MODERNISATION MEDIA REPRESENTATION/ MANIPULATION FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS POWER DYNAMICS AND LEADERSHIP PERCEPTION VS. REALITY Essay Question 1 Essay Question 2 Essay Question3 Essay Question 4 Essay Question 5 Essay Question 6 Essay Question 7 Essay Question 8 Essay Question9 Comparative essays Film analysis From the commencement of...


Charlie’s Country

The first scene of the film is a medium shot of our protagonist, the eponymous character, Charlie. Soft music underscores this opening scene as audiences are introduced inside Charlie’s shack. This melodic music accompanies Charlie’s interactions within the surroundings of his home. He is sits in his bed, Charlie retrieves an old photograph and a...



Table of Contents Pride film analysis Quote Table Pride film analysis 1:59:30 The opening of the film begins with a rousing soundtrack repeating the lyrics “solidatry forever, for the union makes us strong.” Coupled with real life historical montage clips of past riots and protests, it generates the impression of separateness early in the film....


The Giver

Table of Contents  FILM TECHNIQUES SYMBOLS SCENE-BY-SCENE ANALYSIS FILM TECHNIQUES Technique Explanation Example Aerial shot • a shot of the exterior (outside) from a high perspective Background • the items or objects that make up the scene, but are the not the focus Backlighting • the main light source behind the subject creating a silhouette...


The Hunger Games

Table of Contents Important Characters The Hunger Games Film Analysis Important Characters Picture Character’s Name Role Seneca Crane Game master, in charge of running the Hunger Games Effie Trinket Escort to tributes of District 12. Her appearance changes constantly. Katniss Everdeen She volunteers as tribute for District 12 Peeta Mellark He was selected to be...



Table of Contents INVICTUS CINEMATOGRAPHY ANALYSIS Essay 1: ‘Despite the fears of others, Mandela’s vision for something new achieves great change.’ Discuss. Essay 2 : ‘I am the master of my fate/ I am the captain of my soul’. What does the film suggest about the impact an individual’s conviction can have on external forces?...


Rear Window

Table of Contents FILM ANALYSIS QUOTE ANALYSIS Theme : Romance and relationships (marriage) Theme: Voyeurism (politics of looking) Theme: Class difference (social hierarchy) Theme: Seeing and believing (interrogating vision) Theme: Gender roles and equality ANALYSIS OF THE CHARACTER Essay 1: To what extent does Rear Window reinforce traditional gender stereotypes? Essay 2: Rear window shows...

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